Beyond the four walls, WeDoTech to the rescue

Beyond the four walls, WeDoTech to the rescue

Every morning, I roll out of bed about 6:30am, take a shower, eat breakfast, read newspaper, and head to work.

As I grapple with the ceaseless rundown of to-do tasks and untiring hours of work, I begin to wonder if this is what I really want, a pragmatic divide between my work and my personal life which easily takes over each where prolonged demand from any one has to be met. I usually find myself in a perplexing state of confusion whether to give in to the demands at work or to the pressure mounted up by my family.

It was long after I realized that being employed through an agency which facilitates us working remotely is a seamless and a perfect answer to my mindboggling situation.

On the first thought I will be able to stay close to my family, this is something I would not want to miss at all. This is where I was curious to discover more potential pitfalls and the ultimate benefits on working remotely through an agency that only provides legitimate remote work options, in fact facilitates a seamless management and association of the employee with the employer. I must say, ever since I am onboard with WeDoTech, a full-service agency, providing holistic solutions for HR, I was facilitated with a flexible schedule and was accommodated by all means, striking a perfect balance between my work and family commitments in hand.

So let us consider, how WeDoTech actually changed my life for the better.

First of all, let’s establish the fact that working remotely isn’t a brand new concept and not everyone is cut out for it.

Although, people are slowly getting used to the idea of flexibility in working remotely which facilitates them in working at their own pace, yet they still struggle to allocate priorities to it and do not know where to draw a line between work and emotional bliss.

Here I have to give an ode to a majority of women entrepreneurs nowadays who have been seen having their shops or offices in the first or ground floor of their homes especially those who are in the clothing lines, managing their business alongside their families.

It unleashes the freedom to work at their own space, their own sphere. It is as if they are working beyond any walls, borders and boundaries with limitless creativity to work and stimulate their own performance.

Now, in the tech savvy age, this whole idea of remote working is gaining new grounds and with agencies like WeDoTech, it is gaining momentum for people who prefer working at their own pace. Some of us work full-time, while others prefer working part-time to supplement the family income. Some work for specific employers while others work as freelancers.

Remote working isn’t everybody’s cut

While remote working is just the same as enjoying a new heyday, but don’t get the idea that this is for everybody. Frankly, some people simply aren’t cut out for it.

Get rid of the mistaken idea that money will roll in while you’re relaxing in your easy chair, eating popcorn and watching reruns. Procrastination and lack of self-discipline are the biggest enemies, with your bed right by your side and your laptop right on your table and your mind constantly struggling with the notion that work can always be dealt with later. The sight of neatly laden bed sheets on the bed constantly lures you in for a nap. This makes remote working yet challenging and meaningful at the same time.

It is at times like these, where remote work tools like PCM, Time doctor take charge of the situation and before you know it, your work performance is all timed and output being recorded. Remote work, especially on a full-time basis, demands that one be an organized, self-starting, goal-oriented perfectionist with limited need for social contact.

For over a period of 2 months, I have worked almost exclusively from my tiny apartment in Karachi, Pakistan. Aside from several outdoor meetings my work schedule and surroundings were mostly left up to me. Like everyone else, I had some good days and some very bad days. On some days, I would fly through assignments and personal tasks with unusual efficiency. On the other days, it meant working from the time I woke up until the wee hours of the morning with no breaks, or spending entire days seemingly accomplishing nothing other than making headway on my Netflix queue.

While my own lack of self-discipline likely played a role in my frenzied schedule, a recent study found that in 2015, about 25 million people from around the world worked remotely. For some, working remotely was a mixed bag, while for others it was the best thing that happened in their lives.

For the Love of Remote Working

Remote working as we all refer to it as comes with its sheer benefits and bonus points.

Allowing workers, a choice in where and how they work preferably outside their work location can increase employee loyalty and job satisfaction and may reduce turnover. Those who have the option of working outside of the office or experienced a change in work location, also reported somewhat lower levels of stress and exhaustion.

It also means spending many hours each day with only yourself for company. Since that’s the case, you might as well decide to enjoy it and embrace the solitude gracefully rather than craving for the hustle and bustle of the physical office space.

Since there’s nobody looking over your shoulder, there is this constant challenging need in setting clear boundaries between work and personal commitments, that leads to workers get a higher performance evaluation, and more adaptable to change and the list goes on.

Just an add on, the working pattern also fits in beautifully, if there is a very patient and forthcoming supervisor or a workplace mentor like mine (just kidding) to uphold you towards all levels of sanity and work commitments in hand.

Moreover, allowing people to work away from a company’s office also means increased opportunities for those who work in rural areas and those with disabilities. It can also help the environment, as more people are able to eliminate lengthy commutes and stress. This is where holistic agencies like WeDoTech step in and facilitate the entire management of the process, streamline the relationship between the employee and the employer and work towards a big win for the employee and the employer.

The downsides

Quite often, it is believed that remote jobs promote disconnect amongst the colleagues.

Although workers have more control over their time, many who work remotely find that balancing work with personal life can be difficult, especially since the lack of physical separation between workspace and family space means that everything blends together which itself leads to a lot of stress.

This may be because when individuals work from home, they’re automatically expected to take on the bulk of domestic chores—from waiting for repairmen to right down to smallest chores as cooking meals which can create much stress than the all hyped up convenience, especially if they are still struggling with a full workload. However, this gets easier to tackle, if people work remotely for more than a year and settle into a routine and manage to create boundaries.

The largest criticisms therein have to do with the fact that working remotely can increase feelings of isolation and that can impact how workers feel about themselves, their work, and their personal lives. Their world gets smaller with lesser human interaction. In my case, I must admit not having colleagues around somewhat impacts my commitment and dampens the creativity that comes from random workplace interactions.

The Good news

So, do the positives rule out the negatives? It is a toss-up for now, but the scope and location of remote work arrangement, can tip up the balance.

The good news is that it is possible to work remotely in the same manner as if you were sitting in your office cubicle and work as proactively as a full-time role if you have the right set of skills and are willing to make a genuine effort.

Job satisfaction increases for people who work remotely and have a choice of work locations like home offices, co-worker’s offices or any other remote location of the worker’s choice.

So, if you decide to pursue remote work, be realistic about the effort required. Examine several options on how to have a dedicated make-to-shift office at home, set clear boundaries between personal and working space, practice self-discipline and set practical goals.

Just make sure to not to let yourself swept off with the growing impulse to withdraw, to stow yourself away in the house where you are always within reach of a bottle of medication, a bathroom, a bed. For as much as remedial they all seem, they are all talismans that offer the retreat we all crave, and reinforce our anxiety and avoidance patterns.

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